At the Le Centre de formation en photographie (Photography Training Center), in association with Studios Drakkar, we offer a wide variety of photography courses. We also offer practical workshops and private lessons. Our teaching program has been developped by professional photographers, and training is done by competent teachers, issued from either arts, photography, or other related fields. 

The training program consists of a selection of theoretical classes, as well as practical workshops. The course "Introduction to Photography" is tailored for beginners and amateurs that wish to discover the basic fundamental principles of digital photography such as manipulation of the camera, light exposure and composition.

Practical workshops allow to go out, in small groups, with the trainer and practice photographic applications and concepts through a series of methodologic exercices. This type of training hepls students devellop creativity and may often spark new interests in a wide range of approaches: architecture, portrait, landscape, and many more.


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