While Coaching is more on an individual level, if you want to have an entire team progress on a specific management-related topic, various options exist:

  • Talks: A personally tailored 60-90 minute talk, including Q&A.

  • Trainings: With a bit more depth than a talk, half or full day trainings, with exchanges, exercises and follow-ups.

For Talks and Trainings, topics revolve around Managerial Skills, with often a totally different angle than most... Examples are "Transition from a Boss to a Coach", "Efficient Delegation", "Ego vs Humility for the Manager", and so much more. Contact me with your challenge, and I'll let you know if and how I can help.

  • Workshops: To learn a new skill takes time and practice. I offer a unique 12-month series of workshop on Efficient Management, based on the teaching of Sun Tzu's The Art of War.

Depending on location, the above offers can be delivered On Site or Remotely.

  • On-Line Course: "A Different Take on Time Management". To register, click HERE.

To have an insight into my Management Philosophy, please browse my BLOG.


Francis presented to the members how humility is an essential quality for the Agile coach. There followed a fascinating discussion on the subject where Francis guided us towards a better understanding of the subject. In addition to presenting us with relevant and easily accessible material, Francis listened to reactions to positively fuel the discussions. We recommend his interventions.

- Michael O.

The training on the boss-coach transition sheds light on facilitating or constraining behaviors. The exercise offers a real reflection on what we want to become as a manager-coach and how we want to make a difference in the daily lives of our teams. Inspiring!

- Marie-Claude C.

Francis encourages managers to think about their role in different terms and to lay the foundations for a more humane and mobilizing management philosophy.

- Karine S.