Unlock the Power of Strategic Leadership: A Masterclass Inspired by 'The Art of War'

Welcome to a transformative Masterclass that transcends time and tradition - "The Art of War by Sun Tzu: Strategic Leadership for the Modern World."

Recipient of the 2023 Corporate Vision Award for the Best Strategic Leadership Transformation Program, this Masterclass is a testament to my commitment to driving transformative leadership.

About the MasterClass:

  • Topic: The Art of War by Sun Tzu - Strategic Leadership for the Modern World.

  • Key Learnings: Immerse yourself in the wisdom of 'The Art of War' and unlock the power of strategic leadership. From harnessing the strength of humility to skillfully navigating complex situations, this Masterclass provides a profound exploration of proven strategies for success, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Why Choose This MasterClass?

  1. Exclusive and Interactive: Engage in a 14-session, small-group MasterClass designed for optimal interaction and personalized learning, with a limited cohort of 5-8 participants.

  2. Global Perspective: Gain insights into the application of ancient wisdom in the context of the modern business world.

  3. 25+ Hours of Mastery: Over the course of our sessions, totaling 25 hours, discover the intricacies of strategic leadership and cultivate a mindset that guarantees success.

Promoting Change: To promote change, one needs 4 elements: Time and space to grow, a powerful WHY, a mentor that lived it, and ideally, a Coach that knows how habits are created. This Masterclass offers all of these.

Key Learnings Inspired by 'The Art of War':

  • Humility in Leadership: Understand the transformative power of humility and how it contributes to effective leadership.

  • Navigating Complexity: Learn strategic approaches for navigating and triumphing in complex and challenging situations.

  • Resource Optimization: Master the art of optimizing resources, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

  • Effective Communication: Explore the importance of effective communication in leadership and decision-making.

  • Adaptation and Continuous Improvement: Equip your team with the ability to adapt strategically to ever-evolving business landscapes, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Try and Apply, Review and Reflect, Plan and Improve: The Masterclass is meticulously designed to facilitate a transformative shift in your team's mindset through a structured approach - Try and Apply, Review and Reflect, Plan and Improve, restarting the cycle for continuous growth.

Contact Me: Ready to boost your team to the next level? Reach out today and let's discuss how this Masterclass, enriched with the profound teachings of 'The Art of War,' can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Transformative leadership awaits!


I had the opportunity to participate in the 'The Art of War' workshops with Francis as the master of ceremonies. The concept is both simple and unconventional: analyzing martial concepts to better understand professional life. Each session, centered on a chapter from 'The Art of War,' allows for discussions on its application to daily work challenges. Topics include teamwork, career progression, workload management, strategy, planning, project advancement, hierarchy, and more. The workshops offer a unique learning experience, combining chapter analysis with real-world applications and participant discussions. Francis's contribution as the master of ceremonies is undeniable, making each session a must-attend. I apply the concepts regularly in both my professional and personal life.

- Jean-B. L.