Welcome to a transformative coaching journey where 'you' take center stage. As your guide, I'm here to collaborate, focusing on 'you' and 'we,' to understand your challenges and aspirations.

About Your Guide:

I'm a Certified Professional Coach, committed to guiding 'you' beyond the ordinary. With a rich toolkit and years of experience, my passion is empowering 'you' to become the best version of 'yourself.'

Our Journey Together:

Are you facing the common challenges of middle-class managers? Balancing deadlines, delegation, time management, or maintaining a rigorous work ethic can be a constant battle. If you resonate with these challenges, 'you' are not alone. I know, I once was as well.

A Personalized Approach:

My expertise, certified by the International Coaching Federation and backed by studies in Neuroplasticity and Trauma Informed Coaching, ensures tailored techniques for lasting transformations in 'your' life.

Celebrating Excellence:

Honored with the Finance Monthly Global Award in the COACHING - CANADA Category in December 2023, it reflects the dedication I bring to 'our' collaborative journey.

Let's Connect:

Whether your focus is personal or professional, I invite you to reach out. Together, we will unlock 'your' full potential and navigate the path to success. Ready to take the first step?


With his 100% human approach, Francis is entirely dedicated to your professional development. Through reflections, thoughtful exercises and stimulating discussions, he encourages self-reflection and personal growth. I recommend his coaching services to those who seek to better understand the barriers in their daily lives and how to overcome them holistically.

- Melissa S.

Francis' coaching is concrete. It is based on years of practice and knowledge to efficiently guide you and achieve your desired result. I recommend it with no hesitation. Be ready to follow a path leading to a transformation of your managerial life!

- Louis D.

From defining the subject to putting it into practice, I would like to thank Francis for his professionalism and the quality of his coaching. Through his method (personal, adaptive and evolutionary), I was able to improve points that I thought were "unimprovable" and explore new approaches that helped me in my personal daily life. and professional. To anyone trying to take the plunge into coaching, or aspiring to progress in a particular area, I highly recommend calling on Francis.

- Jean-Baptiste L.