Your business is in transformation, and any one of those changes, transformations, need to be managed to make sure deadlines and budgets are respected? Yet you do not have that resource internally, and hiring a Project Manager just for that specific endeavor doesn't make sense? I can help.

With a strong focus and track record on achieving success within the boundaries of the projects, and my experience in several critical department on several organisations, I can help you with:

  • R&D Projects, Hardware and Software, Waterfall or Agile

  • Government Financing Programs

  • New Product Introduction

  • Go-to-Market Launches

  • Merger Harmonisation

  • Strategic Marketing Campaigns

And so much more...


Francis has a high degree of leadership, commitment and reliability and was therefore very much appreciated by the whole team. Even in difficult situations, Francis was able to contribute a lot to positive corporate development with constructive suggestions for solutions and high-performance vigor. Francis' strength of character should also be emphasized. In addition to his optimism, this includes a strong team spirit, creativity, and willingness to help and to be successful.

- Rainer S.

Francis has an inherent talent for understanding his team’s strengths & weaknesses, optimizing execution with respect to the former and managing risks in accordance with the latter. Combined with his strong leadership, his result-oriented approach enables him to assess & mitigate risks with the team and think out-of-the-box to deliver per cost, schedule & performance / quality. His customer-oriented trait has him always looking for a win-win solution when facing issues or necessary trade offs.

- Alan R.

I have truly appreciated Francis' superior leadership as well as project and program management skills. Moreover, Francis always demonstrated strong learning and team playing capabilities. Francis has a proven track record of successfully achieving results while always taking into account the organization’s culture and stakeholder’s realities. In his approach and way of working, Francis is definitely an instrumental contributor to an organization's growth.

- Benoit M.